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Author Coach and Publisher, Shanda Trofe, specializes in book-writing and marketing strategies for authors, coaches, healers and entrepreneurs.

Her passion lies in helping those who are called to share a message with the world to find their voice and connect to their authentic, heartfelt story. Shanda believes that a life rich with experience makes for a great message, and she enjoys working with authors throughout the entire process, from idea to publication.

As the Founder of Spiritual Writers Network and President & CEO of Transcendent Publishing, Shanda has been helping authors realize their writing and publishing goals since 2012. She is the best-selling author of several books including Write from the Heart and Authorpreneur: How to Build an Empire and Become the AUTHOR-ity in Your Business. Additionally, she enjoys publishing fiction under her pen name. 
"I've helped countless authors through the book-writing and publication process, and I'm excited to help you jumpstart your writing journey. I hope you enjoy this 
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